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~*Sometimes even if they are different, It can come out so good*~

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This community was created for those who like Dir en Grey (Diru) and L'arc-en-ciel (Laruku)

You are welcome to post anything about Dir en Grey or Laruku as long as it is appropriate, if it is innapropriate for any readers please put it behind a cut.
(also pairings should be under cut also)
Images bigger then 300X300 must be put behind a cut.

No spamming or posting things about nothing, it must be related to Laruku or Dir en Grey in some way.

Everyone has their own opinions, don't diss someone or blow them away because their opinion is different then yours.

Icons and graphics are welcome to be posted, we love to see creativity. Please remember if you use someones icon that you must give them credit.

If anyone can think of any rules that I missed please tell me.